Dragons Doing Things

where did you get those cute little dragons? :D from dragonnerd



They’re from a variety of different places.

Spyro was a boardwalk game prize from ~10 years ago.

7 of them (Layelith, Sayrothrakenth, Falindrith, Suhnrhysanti, Lorhondril, Riali and Sastyriaphos) were found in the International Bazaar at the Minnesota State Fair over the course of a few years. The people who made them have a card that is somewhere around my desk and I can’t find it right now. I can post more info on the about page once I locate that.

Korril was from Etsy. Can’t find the original post, not sure if they’re still making these ones.

(Big) Toothless is from the How to Train Your Dragon arena show that was touring a year back I think. 

Tiny Toothless was found buried in a pile of HTTYD toys in Toys R Us.

Alende was a gift from a friend.

There are two more not yet on the about page. Ceraleth was from Costco and Relius (no picture up yet) was won at ski ball in Las Vegas.

Found the listing that Korril was from. Looks like they’re taking orders again.

Ok so delayed response go. Those 7 dragons (Layelith, Sayrothrakenth, Falindrith, Suhnrhysanti, Lorhondril, Riali, Sastyriaphos) are from these guys in MN called Gifts Made By Hand. They also make other animals (I’ve seen turtles, lizards, dolphins, spiders, snakes, and more at their booth over the years) and take orders by phone or email. They do not have a website, but their email is giftsmadebyhand<AT>yahoo.com and their phone is 763-782-7956.